On-Site Embedding

The Hearthstone Institute’s signature ‘embedding’ process is unique in dementia training programs. Building on our evidence-based training model, on-the-job embedding of learned principles and techniques is a recognized best practice for effective staff training, sustained performance and successful outcomes.

Our partner organizations – and many others – have found that staff and management training programs that rely primarily on classroom and lecture presentations have a tendency not to ‘stick’ over time. This is not because staff members lack the commitment or desire to provide the best care possible. It is simply that for many people, translating classroom concepts and theories into practice while caring for residents on the floor is not a natural process. This is especially true for those who learn by doing, as many hands-on care professionals do.

Training Opportunities - Hearthstone Institute

Embedded Peer-to-Peer Training Creates Transformation

The Hearthstone Institute’s training programs includes a tightly knit set of offerings in an Embedded Peer-to-Peer Training format.

Training program stages include:  

  • A set of highly interactive classroom training sessions led by senior Hearthstone Instructors
  • Homework exercises for trainees to practice and learn at their own pace
  • On-the-floor demonstrations of ways to solve challenges with interactive coaching from Hearthstone Instructors
  • Demonstrations of how successful practice of what’s been learned leads to positive resident engagement, fewer behavior problems, and improved morale and satisfaction for all

The I’m Still Here® approach has a transformational effect on staff members who report greater enjoyment on the job and higher levels of satisfaction. See feedback received from our clients and partner organizations. 

Improve your residents' lives and your market position today.

  • “The embedding has made staff want to come up with solutions. It gave them tools to be able to come up with solutions for people who in the past would have just been challenging and it would not have been solution driven.”

    – Chief Health Officer