Transformational training for exceptional memory care

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Transformational training for exceptional memory care

Our Unique Approach to Dementia Training

The Hearthstone Institute trains caregivers and staff working in memory care how to be aware, skilled, effective and confident.

Our mission is to teach our clients and partners how to create “A Life Worth Living” for older people with cognitive challenges by enriching their lives and offering hope.

Find out more about our innovative training programs that transform care services to persons with progressive memory loss. Our evidence-based training has proven its value by increasing care quality while lowering the costs of care.

Invest in Hearthstone Institute training and transform your staff’s and your company’s dementia care – increasing staff job satisfaction, resident quality of life, and support and acclaim from families and the community.


What Makes the Hearthstone Institute Different?

  • Hearthstone has over 25 years of hands-on experience caring for people living with dementia and training staff on dementia care.
  • We share with our clients all the ways we have found to make aging with a memory challenge a happier, more hopeful process.
  • Institute staff are extensively experienced in what are now considered industry best practices that were pioneered at Hearthstone Alzheimer Care Residences.
  • Our approach is evidence-based: we know better than anyone else what works based on empirical research, data and outcomes.
  • Our training teaches your staff how to keep residents healthy and engaged and overcome the limitations imposed by memory loss, thereby increasing staff job satisfaction and commitment.

Centers of Excellence

The Hearthstone Institute presents I’m Still Here® certification to organizations that have completed comprehensive training in the I’m Still Here® approach by Hearthstone’s team of professionals.

These organizations utilize our transformational, evidence-based training programs to create opportunities for true engagement and increased quality of life for residents living with memory challenges.


    “Establishing parallel programing was a god-send to a lot of our residents, in addition to a lot of their family members.

    -Institute Client (Staff Member at Memory Care Facility)


    “The embedding—to have someone actually come here in person and show us how to put the parallel programming in place—has made the biggest impact!”

    -Director of Social Services at CCRC


    “This training program has so many aspects that make it such a differentiator from anything else out there. It is so intensive and comprehensive.”

    – Project Manager at Retirement Community


    “I witnessed something today that I\’ve been dreaming about for years. Hearthstone\’s programming will truly put us at the head of the pack and make us a top provider of memory care.



    “The embedding helped guide us through the integration of the new processes and getting us through the beginning weeks of adjustment.”

    – Project Manager at Retirement community


    “During tours, mentioning we use the I’m Still Here® programming and training definitely sets us apart and works to our benefit.”



    “Our staff says that because they are involved in this program they have seen some of the best days that they’ve ever worked.”


Hearthstone is More Than Meets the Eye

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