Access Hearthstone Institute knowledge and expertise! The wisdom and skill derived from Hearthstone’s  25+ years of memory care experience is invaluable to those engaged in caring for dementia. Select from our rich assortment of presentations and seminars by Hearthstone Institute experts to stimulate and enrich your clients, your staff, and all care partners.

Hopeful Aging – Dr. John Zeisel

Journey through the aging brain with Alzheimer’s expert Dr. John Zeisel and explore learning and connection for persons living with memory loss. In this dynamic presentation featured on PBS stations nationwide attendees will find a hopeful message about memory and aging. Dr. Zeisel discusses new strategies to help caregivers provide meaningful, engaging experiences to persons living with memory challenges. With a focus on Hearthstone’s innovative Learning for Life™ program, Hopeful Aging explains brain health and vitality, memory systems, and learning.

I’m Still Here® – Dr. John Zeisel

Based on his international bestseller I’m Still Here®: A New Philosophy of Alzheimer’s Care (Penguin Group), Dr. Zeisel offers a general discussion of the topics in the book – including the importance of art and drama, designing the right physical environment, and the ‘gifts’ that can be found in a relationship with someone with Alzheimer’s. This presentation can be combined with an author book signing if desired.

Learning for Life™: A Lifelong Adventure in Learning

This unique introduction to Hearthstone’s innovative Learning for Life™ program, as featured in a 2013 PBS special. Learning for Life™ is a first-of-its-kind, evidence-based learning program for people with early cognitive impairment and memory loss. The program represents a radical paradigm shift in dementia care that enables participants with cognitive losses to satisfy their need for achievement and self-fulfillment. Evidence from research indicates a slowing down of the onset of dementia symptoms and improved morale and engagement.

Innovations: Groundbreaking Programs for Persons Living with Dementia

Join us as we explore three innovative initiatives for improving the quality of life for persons with memory challenges. Developed by Hearthstone Research, these programs — Life’s a Stage: The Scripted-IMPROV™ drama program; The Learning for Life™ Academy; It Takes a Village/ARTZ – are groundbreaking innovations that support quality of life, dignity and self-actualization for persons living with the challenges of dementia and their families. The initiatives are supported by over 20 years of research conducted by Hearthstone’s world-renowned research team and other leaders in the field of non-pharmacological interventions for persons living with dementia .

The Continuum of Cognitive Health™: A Paradigm Shift

Hearthstone’s Continuum of Cognitive Health™ (CCH™) creates a community of blended solutions devoted to quality of life and meaningful engagement for seniors experiencing memory-related challenges. This presentation delves into our innovative model specially designed to provide engaging programming for persons with all stages of memory challenges as well as all those who wish to maintain their brain vitality. Find out about something truly unique in the senior housing field: a continuum-based community for persons living with any type of memory challenge and provides meaningful, engaging experiences for every resident.

Let’s Get Engaged! I’m Still Here® Activity Experiences for Persons with Dementia

Let us introduce you to the basic principles of Hearthstone’s I’m Still Here® approach, an innovative method of providing meaningful and engaging programming to persons living with memory challenges. This informative presentation discusses Hearthstone’s Montessori-inspired learning methodology, the role memory systems play in creating effective programming and skills-based approaches to program design. Rooted in over 20 years of research, this method has been shown to significantly increase levels of engagement, participation, satisfaction, success and quality of life for persons living with memory challenges.

That’s a Good Question!

Those who care for persons living with dementia know that positive relationships begin with good communication skills. Find out how care partners can continue to have successful interactions throughout the disease process by adapting their communication style to avoid unintentionally causing anxiety and confusion. The presentation includes Hearthstone’s research-based, field-tested communication techniques, with a special focus on asking questions, facilitating conversations and the utilization of verbal/non-verbal communication styles.

You Have the P.O.W.E.R.™: How to Create Successful Non-Pharmacological Interventions for the Most Common Challenging Behaviors Associated with Dementia

Learn how to create successful interventions for the most common behavioral challenges associated with dementia using an assessment tool called P.O.W.E.R.™. Using case studies drawn from real-life experiences at Hearthstone, we debunk common myths, examine potential triggers and discuss action plans that provide caregivers with strategies designed to diminish or eliminate these behaviors.

Life is a Stage: The Scripted-IMPROV™ Drama Program

Find out about the Scripted-IMPROV™  — an interactive, semi-scripted improvisational theater experience that has been carefully designed to engage and interest persons living with dementia. During Scripted-IMPROV™ performances, participants interact with their peers and the actors. The result is a highly engaging experience for everyone. Funded by the National Institute on Aging, the project is among the first and largest Phase 2 Clinical Trials of a major non-drug intervention for Alzheimer’s and related dementias. The presentation discusses the research, shows examples of the Scripted-IMPROV intervention in action, and shares measurable results from the study.

The Art of Engagement: Creating Cultural Experiences for Persons Living with Dementia

The presentation demonstrates ways in which art creates enhanced engagement and revives emotional memories for persons living with memory challenges.  Find out how the artistic experience—both in creating and viewing art—can be used to foster a sense of self among participants. A post-presentation discussion addresses ways to use artistic intervention as a treatment for the symptoms of dementia, leading to greater access to cultural opportunities that increase quality of life.

Non-Pharmacological Interventions for Persons with Dementia

Discover how the use of non-pharmacological treatment modalities (environment, communication techniques and therapeutic activities)—combined with the use of pharmaceutical treatments when needed—offers the most effective means of providing a high quality of life to people living with cognitive challenges. Hearthstone’s Coordinate Care Approach™ is discussed in detail, and specific examples are used to illustrate how these techniques are used at Hearthstone residences.

The Dynamics of Memory and Aging

Institute experts explain that there is much more to memory than short- and long-term recall and retrieval. Emotional and spiritual memories are interwoven with our personalities and, when accessed, allow for greater connection to our community and selves. This is especially true for those living with memory challenges. This presentation discusses memory systems, brain vitality and ways to strengthen memory muscles to possibly delay onset of dementia through exercise, cognitive stimulation and nutrition.

Friends for Life

With its focus on ways to build successful, positive relationships with people who are living with dementia, this presentation is a favorite for family members, friends, professionals or anyone caring for a person with memory impairment. Friends for Life includes communication techniques and strategies for reducing challenging behaviors,  Whether the person is living at home or in a long-term healthcare setting, simple techniques enable participants to have more positive, fulfilling interactions.

Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease: An Overview

An opportunity for everyone! This presentation provides a basic understanding of Alzheimer’s disease and related types of dementia. Topics include: types of dementia; stages and common symptoms associated with each stage; causes of dementia (both reversible and non-reversible); common warning signs and resources available to assist families who are living with this challenge.

Other Topics

A range of topics and themes related to memory care and dementia can be brought together in a customized presentation designed to meet your particular needs and goals. Please contact us to find out more challenge.

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