Engagement Program

The Engagement Program training package is designed to provide an efficient, highly effective introductory training that will make an organization’s Memory Care program more engaging for residents and staff, through the application of Hearthstone’s evidence-based I’m Still Here®   techniques.

Presented over a three month time frame, this targeted training package bundles together the basic I’m Still Here®   engagement, communication, and activities training modules, combined with focused implementation visits. 

The implementation visits are the key to making the training “stick” when the Instructors leave.  Most classroom training, even those that include hands on exercises, frequently leave trainees with general knowledge and tasks to carry out that they find difficult to implement in the real world.  Hearthstone’s Implementation visits improve on this dynamic by having Instructors with hands-on experience work side by side with trainees and demonstrate how to overcome the challenges they face daily.  This process reinforces both the principles and practice of the training so that the behaviors and approaches learned remain in place over time.

Completion of this Engagement Training package can be applied to the full I’m Still Here® certification training at a future date if desired.

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I’m Still Here® Activity Materials Library

In addition to the training, organizations who participate in the I’m Still Here®   engagement training package also receive access to the I’m Still Here® Activity Materials Library.

This extensive library consists of of Hearthstone’s proprietary research-based activity program materials.  The library includes the following materials

  • Hearthside Book Club Stories™ (over 50 titles)
  • Lingo Bingo™ (17 complete games)
  • Category Sorting Materials (over 20 sets of materials)
  • Assorted discussion cards
  • Artwork for use in threading
  • Puzzles adapted utilizing I’m Still Here® principles (10)
  • Recipes adapted utilizing I’m Still Here® principles (over 50)
  • The Scripted-IMPROV Drama™ Program (online training and resources)

Improve your residents' lives and your market position today.

  • “Our staff has a sense of pride in having gone through the whole training.”