Abbreviations, Descriptions and References for Measures

The Table below presents descriptions and references for the evaluation measures employed.

BEHAVE-AD = Behavioral Pathology in Alzheimer’s DiseaseReisberg, B., Auer, S. R., & Monteiro, I. M. (1997). Behavioral pathology in Alzheimer’s disease (BEHAVE-AD) rating scale. International Psychogeriatrics, 8(S3), 301-308.
CMAI = Cohen-Mansfield Agitation Inventory

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DEMQOL = Dementia Quality of Life

Smith, S. C., Lamping, D. L., Banerjee, S., Harwood, R., Foley, B., Smith, P., … & Knapp, M. (2005). Measurement of health-related quality of life for people with dementia: development of a new instrument (DEMQOL) and an evaluation of current methodology. Health Technology Assessment (Winchester, England), 9(10), 1-93.

Smith, S. C., Lamping, D. L., Banerjee, S., Harwood, R. H., Foley, B., Smith, P., … & Knapp, M. (2007). Development of a new measure of health-related quality of life for people with dementia: DEMQOL. Psychological medicine, 37(05), 737-746.

GDS = Geriatric Depression Scale

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MDS = Minimum Data Set

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MMSE = Mini Mental State ExamFolstein, M. F., Folstein, S. E., & McHugh, P. R. (1975). “Mini-mental state”: a practical method for grading the cognitive state of patients for the clinician. Journal of psychiatric research, 12(3), 189-198.
MOSES = Multidimensional Observation Scale for Elderly SubjectsHelmes, E. (1987). Multidimensional Observation Scale for Elderly Subjects (MOSES). Psychopharmacology bulletin, 24(4), 733-745.
MPES = Menorah Park Engagement ScaleCamp, C.J., Skrajner, M.S., & Gorzelle (2015). Engagement in dementia. In Volicer, L, & Hurley, A (Eds.), Assessment Scales for Advanced Dementia (71-78). Baltimore, Maryland: Health Professions Press.
NPI = Neuropsychiatric Index – Nursing Home

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Zeisel Stigma ScaleA grant proposal was submitted to the National Institute on Aging to evaluate the psychometric properties of the Zeisel Stigma Scale.