Client Feedback

Many Hearthstone Institute clients have stayed in touch, sending us their feedback and comments after training and certification. While names of the individuals providing feedback have been removed to respect their privacy, please contact us for more information and client references.

What Our Partners Are Saying About…

The Benefits of Our Signature “Embedding” Process

The embedding—to have someone actually come here in person and show us how to put the parallel programming in place—has made the biggest impact!
-Director of Social Services at CCRC
The embedding is what sets this program apart, what makes it work. Sue’s vast experience enables her to help people really take the principles and translate them into real-life, real-time situations.
-CEO of Regional Assisted Living Chain

How the Training Serves as a Market Differentiator

This training program has so many aspects that make it such a differentiator from anything else out there. It is so intensive and comprehensive.
-Project Manager at Retirement Community
I witnessed something today that I’ve been dreaming about for years. Hearthstone’s programming will truly put us at the head of the pack and make us a top provider of memory care.
-Staff Member

How the Training Positively Impacts Staff

Our caregivers are more patient with the residents. They have a better understanding that caring means more than just meeting their basic needs—food, personal care, etc.
-Staff Member
Our staff says that because they are involved in this program they have seen some of the best days that they’ve ever worked.
-Staff Member

How the Training Helps Staff Engage Residents Who Are “Unreachable”

We had a gentleman who was a woodworker living in our memory care residence. As his dementia progressed, he would do nothing all day. Using the skills we learned in the I’m Still Here® training program, we got him doing some activities using wood. When his son came to visit, his eyes filled up with tears and he said, ‘That was like seeing my old dad.’

-Chief Health Officer at CCRC

As a result of the training we have seen non-verbal residents become verbal and engaged. We have also seen an increase in participation in activities — residents who used to stay in their room come out more often and participate.
-Staff Member

How the Training Improves Residents’ Quality of Life

We have seen vast improvements. As time progressed, we could see how little things done differently affected changes across the spectrum. Establishing parallel programming was really a godsend to a lot of our residents. Parallel programming enables us to go beyond just meeting the basic needs of our residents and improves their overall quality of life.
-Dementia Program Director at CCRC
A resident’s daughter proceeded to give me a high five and told me her Mom’s quality of life has improved greatly.
-Resident Assistant

The Ability of the Training to Reach All Staff

One caregiver stopped to talk to me. He said that he really enjoyed Sue, that she is an excellent instructor. He explained that most of the staff (himself included) speak English as a second language and it can be tiring to have to translate a lecture all day. Sue presented in a way that they were able to understand. I must say, it’s amazing.
-Program Coordinator
The training is interactive and engaging. Having all staff members present for the training was great for team building—it showed that we were all invested. It was helpful for them all to hear the same message at the same time.
-Staff Member

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